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    Holidays with Alessi

    Holidays with Alessi (written in English and Dutch) Design by Alessi, who doesn’t know the brand! The famous Italian design factory has been around for a century and has collaborated with many well known names in the design world. We mainly know the Alessi brand from chrome-plated or silver-plated household objects and from the brightly colored tableware. But why not decorate this festive season with special Alessi Christmas ornaments. On white Design studio is already enthusiastic about the lovely Alessi Christmas decoration! Check this out.     Happy design holidays onwhitedesign.com Design van Alessi wie kent het nu niet! Het beroemde designfabriek bestaat reeds een eeuw en heeft met vele…

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    A good design should last over time (Achille Castiglioni)

    A good design should last over time ( Achille Castiglioni) (written in English and Dutch) Investing in Italian design is what OnWhiteDesign recommends. Now that I am professionally involved in interior design on a daily basis, my passion for furniture design is growing strongly. In our interior projects, we see an increased demand for Italian design. This encourages me not only to look for recent designs but also for iconic vintage furniture. Who wouldn’t want “Made in Italy” as a label on their interior? Italian furniture stands for sleek design, simplicity, and sometimes color. On the spot, you will recognize Italian design, by the impressive and at the same time functional designs. In Italy, the power of design is…

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    Bright and fun orange.

    Bright and fun orange (written in English and Dutch) The sun has been shining for several days now and my mind is drifting into spring modus. And so I thought, why should I not bring the beautiful orange color of the sun into my interior?  It will feel a bit warmer, no? “Orange” is not the color advice you expect from someone who swears by white interiors and loves soft neutrals. Still, I think this color is great to use in interiors, because orange also brings a warm and energetic appearance. Do you know that the color orange in the kitchen stimulates the appetite?  And orange promotes cosiness in your lounge or…

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    We wish you a merry Christmas. Part4

    We wish you a merry Christmas ( written in English ) A few days to go before we celebrate Christmas, and this means a few days left for preparation. My to do lists are made and the good news is that some tasks are already accomplished. Unfortunately, I am an overthinker and suffer from a mild degree of perfectionism, no wonder that this situation generates stress for myself, but gets reflected on the guests as well. My golden advice to manage stress is: “Plan me-time and let the preparation be just as valuable to yourself as the party itself. Have fun and stay focused.” How do I execute the above mentioned…


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