Losing weight happens the moment you don’t give up

Losing weight happens the moment you don’t give up (written in English)

Since January 2018 I try to lose weight.
I had a target in mind, but we are now 3 months further down the road and I didn’t lost any kilos. But I lost a few inches belt fat. So I decided not to get frustrated by the annoying display on my weight scale and move forward. I do not give up!

The demotivating articles about getting fat after the age of 50 are almost inevitable. Why do I need to accept the statement that once you are 50+ , losing weight is no longer achievable ? What bothers me as well are the advertisements on diets, those promessing you excellent results in no time.
Honestly I tried it out, but was not capable to keep the focus. Again frustrated, because I did not made it and the image in the mirror continues to disappoint me.

Over the last 3 months I ate pretty healthy (80/20 rule). What can be the cause of not losing weight? Not the menopause or being above 50, but stress, yes stress is the main reason why!

I do belief that stress, caused through the drama of last year (the earthquake) is the reason of  “getting fat” and “staying fat”.

So I conclude that my remedy is to relax, to excercise and to eat healthy food as much as possible and so I will archieve my goal by the summer!

My family and I have a dramatic event behind us. We know that in 5 minutes time your life can be completely messed up. Earthquakes of the last two years have demolished our dream of a quiet life in Italy. We are pushed financially, relationally, physically, and emotionally to the edge. But the strong connection between us and the love to life keep us strong.

I am not a doctor, not a nutrionist, not a fitness guru or certainly not a buddha ( physically there may be similarities hahaha), I only want to share with you what works for me and how I feel good about. My goal is permanently have a leaner, healthier body and above all a stress-free life.

And as my blog says “It’s never too late” to start again, today with less hurry and rushing and more an eye on on beautiful things and not to forget attention for the spiritual in life.

You already understand where this article is heading to. Yes, my first step to relax starts with a very simple ritual every morning. I start my day with meditation. Meditation is what I really need to push away all fears and to start my day with a positive mindset. I put extra cushions (or a real meditation cushion is even better) behind me and make sure I sit very comfortable.  Headphone on (or better “Airpods” of Apple) and turn on the warm voice of the app called ”Just Breathe”, which you can find on App Store for your Iphone. With this music and voice my breathing gets very calm, my mind empty and I feel relaxed after this session. I am ready to start my day with a positive mind. (Below the text you will find the products to shop!)

Please do not think “this is nothing for me” or “I don’t have time for it” I really advise you to let your alarm clock go off 20 minutes in advance. You benefit if you struggle with negative thoughts, fears or just have stress because you have too much work.

I know “meditation” does not solve my problems, but I do not take them personally anymore. Negative emotions get a place in my mind and I try to understand them. It’s difficult to explain how it really works, trust me it works.

The first time (times) it was not easy but in the end (now) I succeeded and enjoy the benefits.

Still making sure I find a way to sleep more peacefully, no longer worries and nightmares. My life will be a lot more pleasant and I am convinced the kilo’s will also disappear.

I keep you informed!

What are you doing to de-stress? What is your experience with meditation?

It’s never too late to make your hart smile!!!!!





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