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Make your bed and lie in it!

Make your bed and lie in it! (written in English)

The days are getting shorter, the morning and evening are significantly chilly, so the time we want to spend in our bed is getting longer.

My bed must therefore have that very warm look and inviting! 

I get a good feeling when I see a beautifully cosy decorated bed. In the summer I go for white silk or cotton sheets, but now,when it’s colder outside, I prefer the more warmer colors and materials.

I went looking for the most cozy bedding, soft pyjamas, flannel dressing gowns and soft slippers.

Home Ralph Lauren
Home Ralph Lauren

You can image the following ritual. After a bath filled up with bath foam, a nice cup of tea, candle lights in the house, a good book or TV soap, it all makes my evening great and will lead me to a good night sleep.

After my not too heavy supper I am already preparing myself to a relaxing evening, a must-have for a wonderful good sleep.

I take a hot shower or bath with a bath or douche gel based on lavender and eucalyptus, give myself a soft massage using a rich cream or oil. After my facial routine, I jump in one of those soft pyjamas.

Ready to chill for a few hours together with my family.

My son has already lighted the wood burner, dimmed the lights, put candles around, downloaded my favorite soap and the water for a nice cup of tea is already to boil.

Just blessed, no? Cocooning with my family is top enjoyment and brings my mind to rest.

But after a few hours, my big warm bed beckons.

I just read an article that my little restless mind stops worrying if you take a mix of magnesium and calcium (Natural Calm in Cherry Flavor) before bedtime. And as such it makes me sleep peacefully.

Reading a good book puts my thoughts on the right path to dreamland as well !!!

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It’s about that time …. Bed Time. Good night, my darling!

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