• Beauty

    SOS Killer Body

    SOS Killer Body ( written in English and Dutch) Our holidays are booked, the swimming pool is looking at me, bikinis are ready to be worn, but…. is my body ready for summer? In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to get rid of my winter fat. I read all over that losing weight during the menopause is a utopia. I need to confirm, it is indeed very difficult, but what should I do with my swimsuits? I have been following a diet now for a few months, which is based on healthy food and no alcohol. Besides of having much more energy, better night rests and a healthier…

  • Lifestyle

    Energizing cocktail ” Barbabietola Rossa” !!!

    Energizing cocktail “Barbabietola Rossa” (written in English and in Dutch) You need vitamines is the message my tired body gave me! So I put juices of vitamines on the menu. This week I go for a beetroot juice. Beetroot contains a lot of vitamin C, but also A, B1, B2 and B6. This type of vegetables contains many antioxidants, which prevents inflammation. The beets boost your skin, lower your blood pressure and stimulate blood flow to your brain. I would like to believe all of this, but do we really like beetroot juice? Beetroot can have a ground taste, no ? My secret is to add oranges (full of vitamin C)…


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