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    We wish you a merry Christmas. Part4

    We wish you a merry Christmas ( written in English ) A few days to go before we celebrate Christmas, and this means a few days left for preparation. My to do lists are made and the good news is that some tasks are already accomplished. Unfortunately, I am an overthinker and suffer from a mild degree of perfectionism, no wonder that this situation generates stress for myself, but gets reflected on the guests as well. My golden advice to manage stress is: “Plan me-time and let the preparation be just as valuable to yourself as the party itself. Have fun and stay focused.” How do I execute the above mentioned…

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    Believe in the magic of the season (Part 2 )

    Believe in the magic of the season (written in English and Dutch) The house breathes cosiness. The wood stove burns all day, the Christmas tree and candles provide the living room with a nice warm light. It may not be Christmas eve yet, but we are already in the festive mood. On the agenda for this week is decorating the terraces with the aim to create a cozy outside winter Christmas atmosphere. We hope to enjoy our Christmas aperitif on the terrace, but the days before Christmas we also want to be able to enjoy a nice drink. The fire pit will be provided with logs of firewood and the warm…

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    Love the giver more than the gift!

    Love the giver more than the gift! (written in English and Dutch) My holiday wish list !!! No Christmas without Christmas gifts! Every family member is currently busy establishing a wish list. The lists made by my 3 children (young adults) are sometimes very surprising, but on the other side some items are repetitive and come back every year. My eldest daughter her list doesn’t has surprises to me, because I know her so well. We really have the same taste and points of interest! Surprising on my son’s wish list you will NOT find items related to audio or electronics this year! Our youngest, our wild girl, her wish…


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