• Interior

    Spring has sprung into my home

    Restyle your house spring proof ( written in English and Dutch) We are lucky this year with a spring feeling that last for weeks now. Nice temperatures and already, for the time of the year, a beautiful sun, the rolling hills changing color from brown to green, flowers that sprout and bring color in the garden, twittering brids are the virtues of true spring !! All sounds dull, but honestly when getting a year older, I need to amend I enjoy more and more of this. I realize I need to be grateful to be surrounded by such a beautiful nature. My family and I live more and more outside…

  • Beauty

    It’s always tea time

    It’s always tea time (written in English & Dutch) Tea Time I am keen on fresh herbs! This year my son started a biologic garden and of course he didn’t forgot to plant herbs . We have long rows of beautiful rosemary, thyme, lavender and during summer our garden is filled with mint, basil, chive, sage and melissa. Our plan is to plant a lot more over the next years. I want to smell, eat and spread them on my body or skin. My son Andres “@Andresgarden” will plant the herbs and take care of them! Thanks son. Now winter is knocking at the door, I’m thrilled to drink a nice…

  • Interior,  Lifestyle

    Beautiful things happen when you take distance from negativity.

    Beautiful things happen when you take distance from negativity(written in English and Dutch) How can you create positive energy in your home and bring happiness to your life? I’m proud to say, I am already on the right track to absorb many positive vibes! I really encourage everyone to search for positive energy, because I know how it feels to be trapped in a cage of negative energy for too long. In the end that feels as dying slowly. As we finally live in a house with the necessary comfort, my family has found peace and quiet. Positive energy can flow through this house and I use very simply tricks!…

  • Lifestyle

    Energizing cocktail ” Barbabietola Rossa” !!!

    Energizing cocktail “Barbabietola Rossa” (written in English and in Dutch) You need vitamines is the message my tired body gave me! So I put juices of vitamines on the menu. This week I go for a beetroot juice. Beetroot contains a lot of vitamin C, but also A, B1, B2 and B6. This type of vegetables contains many antioxidants, which prevents inflammation. The beets boost your skin, lower your blood pressure and stimulate blood flow to your brain. I would like to believe all of this, but do we really like beetroot juice? Beetroot can have a ground taste, no ? My secret is to add oranges (full of vitamin C)…


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