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    It’s always tea time

    It’s always tea time (written in English & Dutch) Tea Time I am keen on fresh herbs! This year my son started a biologic garden and of course he didn’t forgot to plant herbs . We have long rows of beautiful rosemary, thyme, lavender and during summer our garden is filled with mint, basil, chive, sage and melissa. Our plan is to plant a lot more over the next years. I want to smell, eat and spread them on my body or skin. My son Andres “@Andresgarden” will plant the herbs and take care of them! Thanks son. Now winter is knocking at the door, I’m thrilled to drink a nice…

  • Beauty

    Girls just wanna have sun!

    Girls just wanna have sun! (written in English and Dutch) The summer holidays are approching, the Italian sun is already shining brightly, the new beachwear and dresses are already in the shops! All reasons to get our body in shape. I go after all means to achieve my goal: a beach body, a body I do not have to be ashamed off. One way to do is healthy food. I’m going to make a sun-colored bikini juice this week. This juice is good for fat burning and drainage, but as well it prepares you for a sunny tan! Raw carrots are rich of beta carotene which is converted into vitamin…

  • Lifestyle

    Losing weight happens the moment you don’t give up

    Losing weight happens the moment you don’t give up (written in English) Since January 2018 I try to lose weight. I had a target in mind, but we are now 3 months further down the road and I didn’t lost any kilos. But I lost a few inches belt fat. So I decided not to get frustrated by the annoying display on my weight scale and move forward. I do not give up! The demotivating articles about getting fat after the age of 50 are almost inevitable. Why do I need to accept the statement that once you are 50+ , losing weight is no longer achievable ? What bothers me as…

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    Botox or not to botox?

    Botox or not to botox? (written in Dutch & English) Ik gebruik nu 4 weken 2 nieuwe producten uit de lijn Capture van DIOR. Niets is zaliger om bezig te zijn met mijn verzorging en make-up. Ik had dit al van vroeger wanneer het eigenlijk niet zo nodig was dan nu het geval is. De grote denkrimpels boven mijn ogen en tussen mijn ogen ergeren mij elke dag meer en meer. Botox laten prikken is dan erg verleidelijk, zeker wanneer ik de gladde gezichtjes op Instagram zie voorbij komen. Of zijn dat gefilterde gezichtjes? Maar de angst voor spuiten en de vrees om een uitdrukkingsloos gezicht te hebben daarna, heeft mij…


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