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    On Easter Sunday we brunch! And you?

    On Easter Sunday we brunch! ( written in English and Dutch) Brunch on Easter Sunday! Easter means for me the start of spring or the kick off of a new life. Of course chocolate Easter eggs are a must. My grown up children still hope I will organize an exciting quest for chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday. However, they will have to agree to a cozy, tasty brunch and dinner. The question now is how do you organize a stylish and tasty brunch? All starts with solid preparation, as I also want to enjoy that day and be together with my guests. Brunch is of course primarily a culinary experience, but of…

  • Interior

    Spring has sprung into my home

    Restyle your house spring proof ( written in English and Dutch) We are lucky this year with a spring feeling that last for weeks now. Nice temperatures and already, for the time of the year, a beautiful sun, the rolling hills changing color from brown to green, flowers that sprout and bring color in the garden, twittering brids are the virtues of true spring !! All sounds dull, but honestly when getting a year older, I need to amend I enjoy more and more of this. I realize I need to be grateful to be surrounded by such a beautiful nature. My family and I live more and more outside…


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