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    Believe in the magic of the season (Part 2 )

    Believe in the magic of the season (written in English and Dutch) The house breathes cosiness. The wood stove burns all day, the Christmas tree and candles provide the living room with a nice warm light. It may not be Christmas eve yet, but we are already in the festive mood. On the agenda for this week is decorating the terraces with the aim to create a cozy outside winter Christmas atmosphere. We hope to enjoy our Christmas aperitif on the terrace, but the days before Christmas we also want to be able to enjoy a nice drink. The fire pit will be provided with logs of firewood and the warm…

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    BOO …..Halloween Decorating

    BOO …..Halloween Decorating (written in English and Dutch) October, we automatically think of autumn in all its aspects, including Halloween. Halloween is originally a Celtic festival, where we have to shudder with the ghosts. But to be honest, I’m more “horrified” by the badly tasted plastic Halloween decorations, which you are facing everywhere nowadays. It’s not easy to find Halloween decorations, which are elegant enough to get incorporated in our interiors without being overwhelming. While you don’t need to use shiny colors to make your home Halloween-proof, sticking to a certain color palette is still helpful in creating a cohesive look. If you want a Halloween look that doesn’t feel spooky,…


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