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    Perfume is a reflection of your personality

    Perfume is a reflection of your personality(written in English and Dutch) Am I really that unfashionable or boring and not in for something new?   On the contrary I love new things, but not at all in regards to my perfume. I used different perfumes in the past, but the trendy new fragrances are usually too “aggressive” for me. I received my very first perfume on my 16 th birthday from my beloved aunt Annie. Very pity she pasted away. She was my listening ear, my soulmate and my personal fashion designer! She knew me like no other and bought me the fresh and girly Anaïs Anaïs from Cacharel. I kept…

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    Am I a hooker?

    Oh Am I a hooker? (written in english and dutch) My husband likes well manicured nails and preferably red colored. But to be honest, I love it as well. He doesn’t need to insist on visiting the manicure, because I do love it by nature. I’m not so handy with nail polish and never really get the same result I wanted. So I leave my hands in the hands of a specialist and every 3 weeks I go to a “Centro di bellezza Gocce di Rugiada Belforte del Chiente(MC)”. Currently I wear gel nails. I keep them for a few months and then remove them for another couple of months,…


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