• Beauty

    SOS Killer Body

    SOS Killer Body ( written in English and Dutch) Our holidays are booked, the swimming pool is looking at me, bikinis are ready to be worn, but…. is my body ready for summer? In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to get rid of my winter fat. I read all over that losing weight during the menopause is a utopia. I need to confirm, it is indeed very difficult, but what should I do with my swimsuits? I have been following a diet now for a few months, which is based on healthy food and no alcohol. Besides of having much more energy, better night rests and a healthier…

  • Fashion

    Summer Beach Party

    Summer Beach Party (written in English and Dutch) Is a maxi-dress only for the young slim hipster? In my opinion it is definitely not. Mini or maxi , the dress has to flatter your figure! My destination to the sun is booked and in my mind I already started thinking on what clothes to take with me. It is indeed still a month to go, preparing the kick off is cool as well. At least one maxi-dress will unquestionably go in my suitcase, even more if possible. A stylish-of course mandated-long summer dress is easy, elegant and it gives me an instant “pool party” feeling. On the beach you should choose a looser-fitting…


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