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Win a brand new FibreGuard sofa !!

What an opportunity! FibreGuard gives us the chance to win a sofa !!!

I would not write a blog about it, if I was not completely in love with this sofa.

The seat is designed to make our life easier. It has a beautiful design and build of a top material from FibreGuard.

FibreGuard fabrics have top features that everyone with a busy family life will appreciate.
They are durable fabrics, environmental friendly, but what attracts me the most is the fact that they are child and animal-friendly, in other words easily to clean and remain beautiful year after year.
Now you see what drives me so much to win this seat!

On top in this well designed sofa, my 4 Italian cats will show off like real italian diva.
And may I continue to enjoy the my snug, when my big, white dog called Neve (italian for snow) wants to get hold of a place on the couch next to his little sister Zina.

Do you also think that my pets deserve a place on this first-class sofa, without me having issues to downgrade on a luxurious interior?

Please vote. Or grap your chance for this beautiful seat?
Click on the following links. I suggest to use the desktop version

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